Do you still love smart watches now?

Android Wear also supports sensors and many other features. And other wearable technology is different, Android Wear did not try to wear on the wrist, difficult to operate the screen into more buttons and complex commands. It changes the positioning of smart watches: not to complete the grand task, but quickly and smoothly transfer the relevant information. Even today, this simplicity and attention to notifications (normal notifications and predictive notifications provided by Now) makes Android Wear different from more complex, application-centric, other smart watch platforms.

Rafael wear Android Wear smart watches for some time – first early demonstration equipment, and then the first generation of Moto 360, LG G Watch Urbane, and finally Huawei Watch.

Raphael thinks Android Wear can meet his needs because he expected it to be compatible with its function: not a new tool to change people’s lives, but a smartphone companion product – so he will not miss the information to cope with Part of the basic tasks of a convenient accessories. Although not a revolutionary product, but Android Wear absolute to Raphael has brought some convenience: no need to keep his cell phone from his pocket he will be able to keep in touch with the outside world. “Android Wear is still a luxury accessory, not a necessity,” he wrote in an article about the Android Wear experience. “But for users who want to keep in touch with the outside world and not bad money, Provides a more convenient access to information.

Watch is just like your boyfriend

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso of course, Zhao Wei recommended watch the preferred option. “Flip the series more in line with my personality, because I am a pragmatist,” Zhao Wei said with a smile. “This side is the moon phase, you can dress with a grand occasion to attend; the other side is a simple Arabic numerals, casual wear jeans is also very appropriate to wear, the two surfaces in my practical degree higher.

Careful fans may note, Zhao Wei in the “tiger mother cat dad” “harbor embarrassment” is worn in black and white color flip series watch. Rectangular surface, simple color, very fit by her career-based female image, which is actually Zhao Wei’s “intentional”: “As long as there is a suitable occasion, I will take a watch.” Now director Duty, leaving her feeling “can not do without the watch”: “When the play must wear a table, the total can not always see the phone.

Zhao Wei is also a bit small “selfishness” in the film just finished this year, “no other love”, the Zhao guide will be with most of the actors with a watch: “Of course, on the occasion, can not say I play” Dear “When wearing a block table,” she said cheerfully.

Every visit to Switzerland will watch the museum, on the quartz watch and mechanical watch the development track familiar – Zhao Wei’s “table fans” status is no doubt. Toward the end of 2016, she will choose which watch as a gift to yourself?

The most worth buying children’s watches in 2016

Badi Long children’s watch 5s is equipped with a 1.3-inch resolution of 240×240 IPS screen, equipped with MediaTek MT2601 processor, with 512MB of memory and 4GB storage. Run Android 360-based Android OS for Wear system, you can interact with the watch through the voice, watch support Wikipedia query, story telling and other functions, while children can watch and other users to add friends to interact.

In terms of security, this watch supports Wifi, GPS and other positioning technology, built-in SIM card through the watch, to achieve the indoor 5 meters indoor 20 meters positioning accuracy. Children in the lost, you can send parents to the location information, so as to protect the child’s safety. In addition, 5s has a 200 million pixel camera, you can let the children take pictures through the watch, an increase of watch the playability. Batteries, this watch battery capacity of 500 mAh, support for fast charging.

The watch is 40x15x189mm in weight and 37g in weight. It is made of Dow Corning food grade liquid silicone, which can be wrapped in all directions to prevent allergy and bumps. No metal contact with skin. , But also to life waterproof. Function, support the simultaneous reception of US GPS and Russia GLONASS satellite positioning system, combined with Wi-Fi, base stations, gravity sensing, a total of five signal positioning. Parents can set a safe area in the APP-side phone, can automatically record the history of the track, the child can continue to record the activities of three consecutive months. When in danger, long press the power button to send a distress signal to the parents, and includes location data and 7 seconds of environmental recording. Moreover, parents can be built according to the APP map automatically generate the child’s location to reach the navigation route, a key navigation to pick up the baby. Built-in millet any of my card, do not have to buy a separate phone card to install parents, call rates can be permanently free monthly, local calls and long-distance are 0.1 yuan / minute. Life, built-in 300mAh gel polymer battery, standby for 6 days.

Smart watch manufacturers make less and less products

The first generation Moto 360 released in 2014, is a smart watch based on Android Wear system, after a lapse of one year, Lenovo Moto released the second generation Moto 360 products, and its introduction to the Chinese market. However, Moto 360 from the second generation, Moto no longer update on the smart watch products. “At this stage, we do not see enough market demand, wearable equipment for us is not enough,” said Shakir Bakat, the head of Motorola’s global product development, Lenovo Mobile Group, said in a statement. Of the attraction, so there is no power to support each of us to develop a new smart watch.

In fact, even the originator of the smart watch industry Pebble also suffered dilemma. It is reported that wearable equipment manufacturer Fitbit will buy Pebble, Pebble to know that the two have paid a miracle, making the company in one fell swoop KickStarter to become the most successful since the establishment of financing projects. And it is the success of Pebble, attracted, including Apple, Google, Samsung, many giants have joined the market. At the beginning of this year, Pebble had a layoff, involving a quarter of the number of employees, even though Pebble in Europe and the United States market, frequent action, continue to introduce new ideas, Want to use this to save their own weakness, but still no improvement.

In addition to Andrews camp, rival Apple’s life is not easy. According to IDC published in the third quarter of 2016, the global smart watch sales statistics show that Apple Apple Watch third quarter shipments of only 1.1 million, the market share of 41.3%, sales is down nearly 72%.

Smart devices are unable to protect your privacy

Wearable equipment, the amount of data collected more and more, it is real big data, and has evolved into a complete digital health ecosystem. However, these contain a large number of personal and health data privacy data, but was converted into money. More importantly, smart wearable devices are becoming more powerful, more complex data can be monitored, and the privacy of individuals is compromised at an unprecedented level.

CDD executive director Jeff Chester said angrily, “Americans now face the situation is that the most sensitive information loss is getting worse, because their health data will continue to be collected and analyzed, but also combined with the Their personal finances, race, location, online and offline behavior, etc. Policymakers must take decisive action to protect consumers in the era of big data. ”

In the United States, privacy law is quite fragmented, and different categories, such as financial, student or health data have different laws and regulations. The researchers believe that such limited and fragmented regulations, to some extent, connivance of the wearable equipment manufacturers a serious violation of user privacy, but it is interesting that, on whether the real invasion of privacy, and ultimately depends on the government and related regulation The effectiveness of the policy. The existing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which only targets health care facilities such as hospitals, does not protect users of wearable equipment.

Intelligent watch industry looks bad

Recently, the bad-mouthing of the smart watch industry’s voice, but the badger who always forget to add one: Apple watch is actually very good live, and even some people began to joke, now there is no so-called “smart watch market” “Apple watch market.” Professional analysis of Apple’s consulting firm Above Avalon recently published an article, a comprehensive analysis of the smart watch industry, the competitive landscape.

Although many people believe that smart watches or a very fresh product category, but the design of such products at least the idea has been brewing in the industry for five years. Apple’s iPhone four years after the advent of 2011 began to develop “smart devices on the wrist,” the company’s idea was very simple, that is to create a smart phone can be used with smart wrist.

On the ship, the smart watch in the same smart phones, tablet PCs and other products when there is still a huge gap. Since the beginning of 2015, smart watch shipments of about 35 million or so, while the same period smart phones, Tablet PC shipments were 385 million and 2.9 billion.

In terms of sales, each sold in 2015 a smart watch means that there are 12 Tablet PC and 80 smart phones were bought. But one of the most important question is, in addition to Apple watches, almost no consumers will choose to buy other brands of smart watches.

Electro-optic blue concept watch

Chinese and Western art are very different, such as painting, such as literature, such as language. Chinese people appreciate the music “at this time silent Shengsheng Sheng”; Chinese people appreciate beauty “still holds partly concealed” “To cover also shame”; Chinese painting is “here nothing wins. In a word, Chinese art pay attention to the blank, blank, giving a greater imagination. When I saw Henry Mo, when the courage to create a big three-pin electro-optic blue concept watch, the first feeling is “to no wins,” this is not China’s blank art?

Endeavor Center Seconds Concept Funky Blue uses a three-pin design, dial in addition to a simple platinum pointer, no other things, no brand LOGO, There is no brand name, no text. However, we can deeply understand: it does not have anything, but said anything. In the present case is simple but not simple.

Although it reflects the minimalist style of the head, but compared with the general minimalist wind watch, it is more recognition, and more beautiful and engaging. Dial decorated with sun pattern using rendering techniques, through the light and shadow contrast, to show us a delicate and beautiful world. The world has nothing, but can also have everything, have what we ourselves, to decide. Perhaps this is a true return, put aside the more complicated than all, to retain the most basic nature of the basic functions, pure and pure.

Three professional players in smart watch industry

Today, there are three main areas of smart watches players, namely Apple, Garmin and Samsung, the three together account for about 78% of the field of smart watch market share. And since 2015, only seven companies smart watch shipments exceeded 200,000 mark.

In these seven companies, the pioneer of smart watch business Pebble has come to an end. After the transfer of software assets, the company has announced the suspension of operations, to stop the development of new watches. In addition, Motorola, LG and Huawei for the attitude of the device is becoming increasingly cold.

Data show that since the advent of Apple in 2015 has been smart watches since the advent of the global quarterly shipments 45-65% share, and the sales of the device in the fourth quarter of 2016 is also expected to usher in a new high. Taking into account the iPod in the MP3 industry boom period can win 70% share of the fact that Apple seems to watch the smart watch industry in the near future.

Huawei’s children’s watch has been committed to escort the safety of children

2016 has been close to the end of the year, the more this time, the more likely to make a mistake, children as vulnerable groups, vulnerable to loss, scattered situation. For parents and the community, the effective preventive measures, to prevent the disappearance of children is imperative. Therefore, many parents attempt to use intelligent equipment to open the child intelligent monitoring mode, keep abreast of the child’s movements, based on this, Huawei as the world’s leading communications companies, take the initiative to social responsibility, concern for child safety, its products Huawei children Watch has been committed to the safety of children escort.

For children easily lost, missing cases, Huawei children’s watch with GPS / Beidou / WLAN / base station / acceleration sensor five re-positioning, no matter where the child, can be combined through different positioning to monitor the child’s location. After finding the child’s location, parents can call through two-way high-definition, for further understanding. If the child is difficult to describe clearly the location, Huawei children’s watch also supports parent-child navigation function, to help parents find the child. If you encounter an accident, the child can press the button on the side of the watch for 5 seconds, start the SOS function, and upload watch position information, and call the binding contact to ensure timely contact with family members. In addition, Huawei children’s watches can be set “safe area”, that is, when the child left or enter the “safe area”, the parents will be prompted, and you can view the child all day activities track, so parents can rest assured.

For the children’s “security” issue, Huawei Children’s Watch also united the Erie QQ Star to open the “Happy Christmas, growth has surprises” cross-border joint promotions, from December 5 to the end of the year, December 31, consumers in Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Nanning, Kunming, and Guangzhou, Xiamen, Fuzhou and other cities in 30 Huawei offline experience shop to buy a child sent a box of Huawei Yili QQ Star milk, while the National 416 Wal-Mart stores and many stores to buy Yili QQ star children have the opportunity to grow milk, children’s watches in the use of children’s watches for security escort, but also enjoy the Queen QQ star in the growth process In the given nutritional supplements, so that children healthy and safe to grow up, this move, after all, a heart of Huawei’s marketing.

Smart watches should learn from the Tablet PC

Wearable device is not just a hardware device, but also through software support and data interaction, cloud interaction to achieve a powerful function, in this article Carolina Milanesi introduced to us as a smart wear watch, how to learn Tablet PC Development in order to understand the market trends and to provide users with convenience.

In the past Monday, IDC (International Data Corporation) released the third quarter of wearable equipment market, the latest data, but these data are not very optimistic. Although overall shipments reached $ 23 million, a slight increase year on year, but about 85% of the sales from the higher price of the fitness bracelet. The third quarter results need to consider the launch of Apple’s Watch Series 2 at the end of the quarter. “Although the gap is not great, but Apple still dominates the smart watch market, and will continue to dominate.” In an e-mail sent to Reuters, Tim Cook directly illustrates the situation: “Sales growth has now In fact, the first week of Christmas shopping, Apple Watch sales will exceed the product before any week of sales, as we expected, we will usher in Apple Watch the best quarter.

When it comes to the market for wearable devices, it’s hard not to compare it to the early stages of the tablet market. In the early launch of the iPad, the influx of Tablet PC trying to compete with, but after the failure, Andrews manufacturers automatically reduce their market position. Consumers are willing to spend money to buy in the ordinary computer can not provide the experience. With several Chinese players to enter the field and the rebellion of a player, Apple strong control of the most valuable part of the market.

The life of the tablet type seems to depend on the difference between it and the computer, which in the end is inseparable from the devices they most want to distinguish from each other. In addition, the Tablet PC to reproduce the smart phone experience to some extent, but at the same time to provide us with a better application, larger screen, larger batteries and more powerful processor. With the smart phone in terms of size and power have increased, the Tablet PC’s current strengths have been greatly reduced. The tablet has had to try to replace one of these devices without finding a suitable place between the smartphone and the computer, but no consumer will give up his smartphone, so the computer becomes an obvious target. Vendors in the field of fierce competition, making the device looks like a Tablet PC, and then try to use 2 in 1 to position them as the next generation of computers.