The most worth buying children’s watches in 2016

Badi Long children’s watch 5s is equipped with a 1.3-inch resolution of 240×240 IPS screen, equipped with MediaTek MT2601 processor, with 512MB of memory and 4GB storage. Run Android 360-based Android OS for Wear system, you can interact with the watch through the voice, watch support Wikipedia query, story telling and other functions, while children can watch and other users to add friends to interact.

In terms of security, this watch supports Wifi, GPS and other positioning technology, built-in SIM card through the watch, to achieve the indoor 5 meters indoor 20 meters positioning accuracy. Children in the lost, you can send parents to the location information, so as to protect the child’s safety. In addition, 5s has a 200 million pixel camera, you can let the children take pictures through the watch, an increase of watch the playability. Batteries, this watch battery capacity of 500 mAh, support for fast charging.

The watch is 40x15x189mm in weight and 37g in weight. It is made of Dow Corning food grade liquid silicone, which can be wrapped in all directions to prevent allergy and bumps. No metal contact with skin. , But also to life waterproof. Function, support the simultaneous reception of US GPS and Russia GLONASS satellite positioning system, combined with Wi-Fi, base stations, gravity sensing, a total of five signal positioning. Parents can set a safe area in the APP-side phone, can automatically record the history of the track, the child can continue to record the activities of three consecutive months. When in danger, long press the power button to send a distress signal to the parents, and includes location data and 7 seconds of environmental recording. Moreover, parents can be built according to the APP map automatically generate the child’s location to reach the navigation route, a key navigation to pick up the baby. Built-in millet any of my card, do not have to buy a separate phone card to install parents, call rates can be permanently free monthly, local calls and long-distance are 0.1 yuan / minute. Life, built-in 300mAh gel polymer battery, standby for 6 days.

Freezing point of wearable equipment market

In recent years, the outside world will be the next wave of smart technology as a new wave of technology. Allegedly, intelligent watch will become the next mainstream computing platform, a new generation of application software and social network carrier. Smart watches or will allow people to get rid of the dependence on smart phones, and from a niche geek market into a mass mainstream market.

However, all the expectations did not materialize, and people see the opposite of the facts. Including smart watches, wear equipment market is very fragile. There are already a number of companies have become sacrificed, they die even faster than Apple smart phones and other high-end smart phones kicked out of the stage of history.

According to market research firm Gartner data show that the smart watch for 29% of the abandoned, fitness tracker is 30%, mainly due to users that its function is not practical, tired or wearable equipment itself is faulty. It can be seen that, compared to the utilization rate, the wearable equipment depreciation rate is quite high.

Recently, the wearable equipment industry has been bad news, once a pioneer of smart watch companies Pebble US companies have come to an end, the software business was sold to the Fitbit cheap. December 8, Fitbit to confirm the acquisition of smart bracelet brand Pebble, the acquisition cost $ 40 million, covering the Pebble intelligent wearable device operating system, independent App, firmware development, and other intellectual property rights.

Hamilton watches has led the new fashion of watch

Familiar watch, favorite watch collection of friends must have more or less will understand Hamilton watches. Hamilton watches are the most American-style Swiss watch brand. Hamilton watches the beginning of the use of the origin of many watches, as is the need for war, the brand as the chief military time war equipment supplier status, in the war for the Navy manufacture and provide diving watch. In the movie “frog people seabed”, a Hamilton watch debut, then this watch has become a classic.

Hobbies retro watch may Hamilton’s frogman series diving watch special favorite. Frogman series diving watch is not only a strong retro flavor, but also do not have to worry about bumps and other family problems, because the vicissitudes of life can show its personality.

Familiar with American culture and certainly more or less friends will understand Broadway – meaning the essence of American drama. Hamilton is the first to “Broadway Limited” – Broadway Limited Edition pocket watch in the name of the series. So many of Broadway is a loyal fan, but also fans of Hamilton fans love to the point of madness. Hamilton Broadway series of these three watches, simple and capable, but also with a strong cultural heritage. If you are a proper cultural empty, or a Hamilton brand loyalty, then, the series of watches on the more suitable for you.

Smart wristbands and watches have no privacy at all

Researchers say the amount of data available for wearable devices is growing, and that’s a big deal of data, and it has evolved into a complete digital health ecosystem. However, these contain a large number of personal and health data privacy data, but was converted into money. More importantly, smart wearable devices are becoming more powerful, more complex data can be monitored, and the privacy of individuals is compromised at an unprecedented level.

CDD executive director Jeff Chester said angrily, “Americans now face the situation is that the most sensitive information loss is getting worse, because their health data will continue to be collected and analyzed, but also combined with the Their personal finances, race, location, online and offline behavior, etc. Policymakers must take decisive action to protect consumers in the era of big data. ”

In the United States, privacy law is quite fragmented, and different categories, such as financial, student or health data have different laws and regulations. The researchers believe that such limited and fragmented regulations, to some extent, connivance of the wearable equipment manufacturers a serious violation of user privacy, but it is interesting that, on whether the real invasion of privacy, and ultimately depends on the government and related regulation The effectiveness of the policy. The existing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which only targets health care facilities such as hospitals, does not protect users of wearable equipment.

Stock banks should establish a reasonable performance system

Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin yesterday in the 2016 National Joint-stock Commercial Bank Annual Meeting pointed out that the joint-stock commercial banks to speed up the establishment of risk and income balance of the performance appraisal system to prevent business people “take the risk.”

Shang Fulin said that the joint-stock commercial banks to comprehensively deepen the reform of the governance system, from a sound corporate governance system, capital management system and performance appraisal system in three aspects.

“Assessment index system is the baton, incentive assessment mechanism is unreasonable, the objective will contribute to the business ‘desperate'”. Shang Fulin pointed out that the joint-stock commercial banks to avoid the simple pursuit of profits, blind pursuit of the scale of short-term behavior, reasonable development strategies and profit targets, and speed up the establishment of risk and balance of performance evaluation system.

In addition, Shang Fulin requirements, joint-stock commercial banks to ensure the independence of business and decision-making autonomy, increase endogenous capital replenishment efforts, pay attention to the selection of high-quality shareholders, enhance shareholder sustainable development of bank capacity, and large Shareholders draw “Chu River community”.

E-commerce platforms of used cars

Since 2015, the major second-hand car dealers platform for huge financing, a lot of second-hand car dealers platform to obtain financial support, they began to hype and burn money to subsidize users to seize the market, a “burn war” with . According to the China Automobile Dealers Association released data show that only the first half of 2015, domestic second-hand car business platform for the total investment has reached 440 million US dollars. There are people in the industry believe that the use of electric vehicles to hit the platform to spend heavily to invest in advertising and high subsidies to users, generally in the “lose money making crying,” and therefore the industry in the early stages of development that fall into vicious competition.

In the crazy “burn war”, the used car power platform in a very long period of time into a capital winter, the parties began to re-examine the capital of second-hand car industry.

Since the second half of this year, on the second-hand information platform for electronic commerce platform for financing one after another, several major platforms look forward to early out of the capital of the winter will generally high. After experiencing the “3 ยท 15 exposure incident” has been “negative ridden” car easy to shoot, and finally won a new round of financing.

As early as September this year, there is news that the car is easy to shoot a new round of financing negotiations, the investment side or a well-known domestic auto industry group. At this time, as a rival of melon seeds and used cars have announced the successful financing of the news, the competitor in the award-winning “irrigation” development situation, the car easy to make financing issues imminent. However, on the car easy to take the financing issues have not yet settled, “financing change”, “funding strand breaks” and many other questions, a time to push the car to shoot the cusp.