Google plans to return China after leaving for long

Five years later came to China to convene a large-scale developer conference, Google “straight to the point,” expressed appreciation of the growing power of China’s developers, but also revealed the interactive needs, “Google would like to know China’s developers need What “, Google Greater China president Shi Bo Union (Scott Beaumont) bluntly. He said that in the past two years, Chinese game and entertainment application developers in the Andrews platform revenue growth has reached 150%, Chinese developers have become a global developer community is an integral part, but he also for the Chinese Andrews users Through the third-party software store to download the application of the fact that a trace of regret.

Shi Boming said that although the application can not serve as distribution platform, but the current Chinese market position in Google is to serve the Chinese developers and enterprises, Google will provide individual developers and enterprises based on Andrews R & D services and global promotion of overseas publicity Services to help developers better integrate into the Andrews ecosystem. In order to meet the needs of Chinese developers, Google has three global developers to increase the Chinese domain name domain name, while some of the content was finished, in addition, Google has also launched a dedicated Chinese developer Web page and WeChat public number, Grounding gas “approach for developers to learn, including Android, Firebase and other Google’s latest technical information to help.

According to Google, the official on-line Google China Developer website (Google Developers) address is, Chinese users can directly access. Google Developers China Web site brings together the world’s developers for the development of technical resources, including API documentation, development case, technical training video. And covers Android Studio, Andrews latest SDK and other latest Android development resources. In addition, with Google Play, developers can reach and serve more than 1 billion Android users in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide. Beginning in 2017, Google Developers Agency Program will also be open to Chinese software development agents, which means that Chinese developers can more easily access to technology and resources. “Hope and China have more interaction,” Shi Bo Meng stressed.

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