Three professional players in smart watch industry

Today, there are three main areas of smart watches players, namely Apple, Garmin and Samsung, the three together account for about 78% of the field of smart watch market share. And since 2015, only seven companies smart watch shipments exceeded 200,000 mark.

In these seven companies, the pioneer of smart watch business Pebble has come to an end. After the transfer of software assets, the company has announced the suspension of operations, to stop the development of new watches. In addition, Motorola, LG and Huawei for the attitude of the device is becoming increasingly cold.

Data show that since the advent of Apple in 2015 has been smart watches since the advent of the global quarterly shipments 45-65% share, and the sales of the device in the fourth quarter of 2016 is also expected to usher in a new high. Taking into account the iPod in the MP3 industry boom period can win 70% share of the fact that Apple seems to watch the smart watch industry in the near future.

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