Electro-optic blue concept watch

Chinese and Western art are very different, such as painting, such as literature, such as language. Chinese people appreciate the music “at this time silent Shengsheng Sheng”; Chinese people appreciate beauty “still holds partly concealed” “To cover also shame”; Chinese painting is “here nothing wins. In a word, Chinese art pay attention to the blank, blank, giving a greater imagination. When I saw Henry Mo, when the courage to create a big three-pin electro-optic blue concept watch, the first feeling is “to no wins,” this is not China’s blank art?

Endeavor Center Seconds Concept Funky Blue uses a three-pin design, dial in addition to a simple platinum pointer, no other things, no brand LOGO, There is no brand name, no text. However, we can deeply understand: it does not have anything, but said anything. In the present case is simple but not simple.

Although it reflects the minimalist style of the head, but compared with the general minimalist wind watch, it is more recognition, and more beautiful and engaging. Dial decorated with sun pattern using rendering techniques, through the light and shadow contrast, to show us a delicate and beautiful world. The world has nothing, but can also have everything, have what we ourselves, to decide. Perhaps this is a true return, put aside the more complicated than all, to retain the most basic nature of the basic functions, pure and pure.

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