Magic Leap CEO angrily denounced the outside world

Founded in 2011, the Augmented Reality Magic Leap has been featured in several stunning sample videos, such as the “big whale” that sprang up in the social network and “the elephant standing in the palm of your hand” Has access to Google, Qualcomm, Alibaba and other technology giants of investment, Magic Leap and therefore in the previous Taobao Creator Festival debut. But Magic Leap has been in this way to paint pie, no formal product launch, because it is called the most mysterious start-up companies.

Compared to other companies with PPT story, Magic Leap means really clever, with this crazy dragging cool video (special effects) to sell the concept of publicity has been no shadow of the product. If Google’s investment is fancy Magic Leap’s “black technology”, and Ali’s involvement is to sniff out the business opportunities. In any case, Ali and Google this may be a somersault. According to the exclusive disclosure of the foreign media, Magic Leap demo video is misleading, its special effects part is produced by a video effects company Weta.

The Information also points out that Magic Leap’s helmet products look cumbersome and require multiple wires to connect to the PC, which is not as effective as Microsoft’s MR equipment HoloLens. Magic Leap has been caught in a whirlpool of public opinion, if true, Magic Leap both in the product, or in the demo video there are fraud.

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