Freezing point of wearable equipment market

In recent years, the outside world will be the next wave of smart technology as a new wave of technology. Allegedly, intelligent watch will become the next mainstream computing platform, a new generation of application software and social network carrier. Smart watches or will allow people to get rid of the dependence on smart phones, and from a niche geek market into a mass mainstream market.

However, all the expectations did not materialize, and people see the opposite of the facts. Including smart watches, wear equipment market is very fragile. There are already a number of companies have become sacrificed, they die even faster than Apple smart phones and other high-end smart phones kicked out of the stage of history.

According to market research firm Gartner data show that the smart watch for 29% of the abandoned, fitness tracker is 30%, mainly due to users that its function is not practical, tired or wearable equipment itself is faulty. It can be seen that, compared to the utilization rate, the wearable equipment depreciation rate is quite high.

Recently, the wearable equipment industry has been bad news, once a pioneer of smart watch companies Pebble US companies have come to an end, the software business was sold to the Fitbit cheap. December 8, Fitbit to confirm the acquisition of smart bracelet brand Pebble, the acquisition cost $ 40 million, covering the Pebble intelligent wearable device operating system, independent App, firmware development, and other intellectual property rights.

Different children’s smart watches

As parents, to ensure the safety of the cost of the door is of course the most important. And today, children’s smart watch is not a very novel thing, almost every child’s family will prepare their own baby one. An array of children’s smart watches, which is only the most appropriate? Take a look at today’s inventory.

Aba-cho KT04 can achieve voice intercom, two-way family calls, and a key monitoring function, can be a very good realization of the child and family interaction and companionship. With electronic fence, exercise step, telephone help and other functions, support SOS a key call, emergency help, family phone, buddy voice chat, home reminders and other functions. Upgrade the product’s water resistance, can be used to achieve touch operation of the color screen, the screen resolution of 96 * 64 pixels, at the same time with the four buttons, the operation more convenient. Strap with silicone material, wear more comfortable.

Hardware configuration, the music as Kido Watch equipped with Qualcomm 4 core CPU, 4G full support Netcom standard, equipped with a retinal screen, with a two-week recharge super-endurance. On the user’s general concern about the radiation problem, Kido Watch from the overall architecture, antenna design and other technical aspects of improvement, less than one thousandth of mobile phone radiation. Software, music as Kido Watch for children developed based on Andrews system optimization green intelligent system Kido OS, built-in timing reminder, safflower reward, movement and other functions. In addition, the music as Kido Watch also built-in artificial intelligence + mass content.

China Mobile launched C1 children watch

Nowadays, wearable equipment for our lives and perception has brought about a huge change. Recently, China Mobile in the field of independent research and development has an innovative breakthrough, the official launch of the first children’s wear safety equipment – “China Mobile C1 children watch.” China Mobile is very focused on product functionality and security, “China Mobile C1 Children’s Watch” in addition to a unique six-positioning function, but also equipped with a strong China Mobile’s information security system, while product materials and radiation indicators have also been through a number of international Certification, can greatly protect the child’s personal and safe use.

It is understood that “China Mobile C1 Children’s Watch” has “Wizard Blue” and “Barbie Pink” two color options to choose from, priced at 396 yuan. Products using GPS, A-GPS, Beidou, WiFi, base stations and acceleration sensor technology, six kinds of positioning, can guarantee a variety of special geographical environment, the user location information more accurate. Products are equipped with encryption and security transmission, can effectively block illegal access to prevent information leakage, and fully guarantee the safety of the user.

As an intelligent call watch, “China Mobile C1 Children’s Watch” radiation index has passed the international SAR (human absorption electromagnetic wave ratio) test certification, to the international testing standards. In addition, the product also has a 1.22-inch IPS high-definition screen, food grade silicone strap and overall support IP65 level of life waterproof, 410mAh safety lithium battery, and electronic fence, a key help, massive free educational resources and many other rich features.

How about the quality of Van Cleef & Arpels watches?

If the Van Cleef & Arpels “lovers of the bridge” as the world’s most romantic watches, I believe you will not object. So Van Cleef & Arpels watches how to?

Van Cleef & Arpels “Lovers Bridge” Why can be known as the world’s most romantic watches, it is because in this bridge full of love boys show minutes, the girl shows the hours, watching them one minute In close proximity. The girl count calmly hours, after a day of arduous waiting, and finally at close to 24 points (23 points in 55 minutes) the girl finally gently leap, rushed to the boy arms, affectionate kissing 5 minutes. This is the most classic design of the whole place, the perfect combination of machinery and love, the expression of the people for a better yearning for love. It just confirms the words “let time to witness everything.” This idea can not help but think of China’s Tanabata, Cowherd and Weaver in Magpie Bridge meet the scene, ever similar ah.

Van Cleef & Arpels “lovers of the bridge” there are two versions, one for the platinum diamond bracelet, and the other for the senior crocodile leather strap. Watch diameter 38MM, using the basis of the movement is the home of the 864 movement. Van Cleef & Arpels “Lovers Bridge” The world’s most romantic watch the world’s limited sale of only 100, priced at 780,000 yuan, I believe that only a very destiny of people to achieve it.

Debut of Misfit Phase smart watch

Misfit has released a new wearable device “Misfit Phase smart complex watch”, this smart watch looks like a traditional watch, but into a richer intelligent watch features, and has up to six months of long use time. Misfit Phase launched a total of 6 colors for consumers to choose, priced at 1349 yuan. In January 2017 in the electronic business channels for pre-sale.

The Misfit Phase uses a three-axis accelerometer to track daily activity and sleep quality, enabling automatic monitoring of steps, distances, calories, 50 meters of water and customized wristband. Through the pointer interaction, color indicator and vibration to prompt the user SMS, telephone, or sedentary reminder.

For frequent travelers, Misfit Phase automatically updates the time zone, making it easy to see the exact time. By connecting Misfit Link APP, Phase can also remotely control music, control self-timer, or control a variety of smart home products.

In appearance, Misfit Phase of the product design followed the process of purely hand-made watch, elegant polished stainless steel body, the shell is a solid package of meticulous alumina. 20mm replaceable strap bracelet, you can customize the different styles of strap, including Misfit original design models wristbands. In this way, this smart complex watch can be as stylish, personalized smart accessory with you out of a variety of occasions.

Artemis Racing limited edition diving chronograph

The Athens table, like the Artemis Racing sailing team, has a long history of navigation, a constant desire to limit itself, and a constant innovation in new technology and materials.

The watch is inspired by the contrasting colors of the Artemis Racing regatta in a steady and sophisticated range of diving: dark blue for marine DNA, unique oceanic ripples on counterclockwise one-way bezels, whether on weekdays, or Exposure to the water, will you love the heart of the ocean show most vividly. The Artemis Racing sailboat racing catamaran was crafted on the dial and the Artemis Racing logo appeared in the 9 o’clock 30-minute timer disk and one of the strap metal components.

In addition to the elegant design, “Artemis Racing Dive Chronograph” more focused on the details of each feature, including diving depth can be enhanced to 200 meters of the screw-in rubber bezel; another function is counterclockwise one-way time Bezel, can help you confirm the time of the water, to prevent human factors move the bezel and the accidents. Strong luminous time scale on the dial, you can improve the visibility in the dark.

The gentleman style of dark brown watch

Watches and pens, lighters have been known as the adult men’s “three treasures” is that every man can not leave the body. But the watch style, shape are all kinds, you are not pick the eye of the flowers it? In fact, the choice for their own like. If there is no idea of ​​a small partner may wish to take a look at today’s editor recommended three dark brown full-featured men’s watch, so you enhance the taste at the same time, show their unique charm.

This Tudor new bronze watch make people shines. The overall retro temperament people intoxicated, bronze lugs and case, brown dial and bezel coupled with a do antique leather strap, retro nostalgic breath can be said to do a very deep point, but the fine Polished and refined dial design in turn pull people from the retro modern city, is the perfect combination of modern atmosphere and retro temperament, showing the restrained and connotation of men.

This color is more in line with the modern aesthetic standards. Brown dial, rose gold case plus a cigar-colored strap, a wave of fashionable city atmosphere blowing. And heritage of the brand’s traditional look style, the entire section of the watch has an exquisite yuppie male style. Dial design simple and not simple, intriguing rose gold time and the pointer, the brand strong flavor of celebrities English logo, as well as the 3:00 standard date display window, show the unique temperament of the watch.

G-SHOCK launched the Year of the Rooster Memorial watch

2017 New Year is approaching, the new Yanying new look, everyone is looking forward to a new year of the new departure. On the occasion of the end of the year, Casio G-SHOCK new models introduced GA-400CX-4APFS and GA-700CX-4APFS, red gold color filled with new year.

In the traditional Chinese concept, the festive red is essential for the Spring Festival color, meaning a good sign for one year. The G-SHOCK New Year watch will adopt the New Year red design, the fire is booming for the wearer to send New Year blessing. Dial pointer, scale and other local locations in gold embellishment, highlighting the New Year as the implication of the elegant luxury.

According to the Lunar New Year law, in 2017 to coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year Dingxi chicken year, so in addition to the red and gold New Year element, red gold new year watch also specially engraved with the cock pattern, commemorative significance. The design of the back engraved by the famous cutting-edge designer Shang Zhe to provide design support. The red gold watch also special custom watch box, in order to echo the theme of the New Year, the same box set the New Year red box, gold and cock patterns such as the iconic design elements.

In addition to impressive design, GA-400CX-4APFS and GA-700CX-4APFS use performance as always. World time, alarm, automatic calendar and other standard features readily available, 200 meters waterproof to meet the daily needs of a variety of waterproof, high-brightness LED lighting to allow the wearer to read in any environment clear dial information. Inherited G-SHOCK has always been a powerful shock structure, red gold watch can easily avoid the impact of new parts caused by external parts damage, for young people interested in street sports is a must-carry trend of a single product.

Hamilton watches has led the new fashion of watch

Familiar watch, favorite watch collection of friends must have more or less will understand Hamilton watches. Hamilton watches are the most American-style Swiss watch brand. Hamilton watches the beginning of the use of the origin of many watches, as is the need for war, the brand as the chief military time war equipment supplier status, in the war for the Navy manufacture and provide diving watch. In the movie “frog people seabed”, a Hamilton watch debut, then this watch has become a classic.

Hobbies retro watch may Hamilton’s frogman series diving watch special favorite. Frogman series diving watch is not only a strong retro flavor, but also do not have to worry about bumps and other family problems, because the vicissitudes of life can show its personality.

Familiar with American culture and certainly more or less friends will understand Broadway – meaning the essence of American drama. Hamilton is the first to “Broadway Limited” – Broadway Limited Edition pocket watch in the name of the series. So many of Broadway is a loyal fan, but also fans of Hamilton fans love to the point of madness. Hamilton Broadway series of these three watches, simple and capable, but also with a strong cultural heritage. If you are a proper cultural empty, or a Hamilton brand loyalty, then, the series of watches on the more suitable for you.

Fossil launches three hybrid smart watches

With the wearable device heat increasing, many traditional watch manufacturers and even some fashion brands, are now trying to launch some smart watches, and in the Baselworld 2016 watch and jewelry exhibition, fashion brand Fossil breath introduced three brand intelligence Watches, respectively, high profile Kate Spade, Emporio Armani and Diesel.

Although it is a smart watch, but from the design, the three watches are closer to the traditional watch, using the pointer design, and each side of the watch, there are three physical buttons, can be used to achieve different functions, such as View the user’s moving targets, view the sub-dial display or remotely control the camera’s camera shutter and so on. Of course, each smart watch also has its own matching App, compatible with Android and iOS platform.

Of course, because the three brands of tone itself is different, so the color selection and design style is also different, such as Kate Spade is a combination of gold and rose gold, the overall competent and concise, and Emporio Armani is a simple business wind , Metal dial with leather strap. Diesel style is some muscle wind, a large dial, with stainless steel body and cortex strap.

The current price of Diesel and Emporio Armani smart watches has not yet announced, while the Kate Spade price was $ 250, is expected to officially ship by the end of this year to early next year.