Boy broke his classmate’s phone watch

Cong Cong home did not explain the facts, but in the anxiety to cope with the teacher. Cong Cong said the first mother of online shopping is not available, then said home delivery takes time. Cong Cong clear, the watch must be compensation, lie can not justify, but he also knew that parents from Henan Nanyang to do building materials business in China, hard work, life thrifty. 600 yuan of compensation for 9-year-old children like price, in order not to worry about parents, Congcong chose to “hide.”

Paper can not contain fire after all. 12 12, promised to bring the table to the school day, Cong Cong had to tell the truth to her mother. Huang Xin immediately 600 yuan compensation, has been the understanding of each other’s parents. However, the matter continues to ferment. Students began to have “Cong Cong dishonest” voice, which gives Congcong caused the invisible pressure, his face less smile. Yesterday morning, he began to not want to go to school.

Huang Xin seems, things were not, if teachers and parents to communicate directly, Congcong may not be so. Huang Xin worried that children in this matter will affect the life-long injury.

Watching Cong Cong alone at home, Huang Xin anxious, shed tears. Tears, and teacher Cai Wei, interview, she bluntly can not figure out, a small matter, with a conventional way to deal with the message, how to lead to controversy. “If everything and parents to communicate, will not let individual students have been ‘playing a small report’ feeling” the future how to manage students to Cai Wei confused.

Apple Watch has dominated the smart watch market since its launched

Apple’s earliest in September 2014 the iPhone 6 conference on the display of the company’s smart watch, that is, Apple Watch. However, Apple Watch until March 2015 until the real sale. Before the Apple Watch listing, the market has a variety of smart watches exist, it into the market after the living space how much? Perhaps no one can guess in advance, Apple Watch listed so far has been the existence of the dominant level.

According to a recent report released by market statistics agency Above Avalon, from the second quarter of 2015 to the present, Apple Watch in the field of smart watch market share of only two quarters less than 50%. If we list Apple Watch in the chronological order, it’s 63%, 67%, 64%, 46%, 49%, 51%, and 65% of the market in the past seven quarters.

We can see from the figures published by Above Avalon that no single brand can compete with Apple in the field of smart watches, Apple is single-handedly in the fight against all the other competitors.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently issued a counter-statement, he hinted that Apple Watch sales in the fourth quarter of this year will set a new record. Some analysts believe that in the Series 2 drive, Apple Watch in the field of smart watches market share is likely to be in the fourth quarter after more than 70%.

Substantial progress should be made next year

The central economic work conference held at the end of each year will determine the general tone and policy orientation of the economic work next year. Last year’s meeting identified the “three to a drop a fill” five tasks, and to capacity as the top five tasks.

Under the guidance of the spirit of the meeting, in February this year, the State Council issued on the 6th and 7th text, respectively, to determine the “13th Five-Year” period to quantify the goal of steel and coal production capacity: 5 years and then reduced crude steel production capacity 1 100 million -1.5 million tons; with 3 to 5 years and then out of coal production capacity of 500 million tons, reduction of about 500 million tons of restructuring.

Decomposition to the task this year, the need to reduce crude steel production capacity of about 45 million tons, out of coal production capacity of more than 250 million tons. According to the Deputy Secretary-General Xu Kunlin Development and Reform Commission in early December at the CCTV Financial Forum on the expression of this year’s steel production capacity tasks have been ahead of schedule, overfulfil.

Xu Kunlin said that from January to October this year, China Steel Association 73 member companies realized a total profit of 28.7 billion yuan, more substantial to achieve profitability; the first 10 months, large-scale coal enterprises realized profits of 57.37 billion yuan, an increase of 112.8%. Can be seen with the continued work to go to work, iron and steel industry, the initial operating conditions improved.

Letv plans to start private bank in Shanxi

Wang Yixin mentioned at the meeting in October, on behalf of the Shanxi Provincial Government to support music as the first sponsor, set up in Shanxi Internet private banks. Wang Yongli hope the government to help find the right quality companies, as a co-sponsor shareholders, and expressed their optimism to consider the establishment of a business in Shanxi as the main body, or the acquisition of a business, in order to achieve the main sponsor of private bank qualifications.

Wang Yongli is a veteran banker, worked in the Bank of China for 25 years before serving as a financial CEO, as the Bank of China in 2006 – 2014 Vice President.

In the above-mentioned Chinese entrepreneurs annual meeting, Wang Yixin mentioned, Shanxi has a lot of precious financial license, many financial licenses are holding open mind. “I also noted that the recent Yue Ting and music as the encounter some difficulties, I want to say with Yue Ting is the word ‘hold up.'” And throw an olive branch: “You want to bid in Shanxi Province ‘Internet bank’, I also in charge of finance, I am here to say that we support you. ”

November 2, as music as the seventh largest holding sub-plate, music as the official financial release their strategy: the music will be the help of the ecological, including the formation of network payments, trading platform, wealth platform, wealth management, Internet credit five main Business of the basic structure, which did not mention the private banking business.

As the most important piece of financial license business, private banks in the past two years from the pilot to the normalization of the establishment process. As of December 2016, the CBRC approved the establishment of 11 private banks, of which 6 have been approved to open.

For the music as private banks to apply for progress, Tencent Finance on December 13 call the Shanxi Banking Regulatory Bureau Zhang Anshun informed, music as yet to submit their application materials.

Stock banks should establish a reasonable performance system

Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission Shang Fulin yesterday in the 2016 National Joint-stock Commercial Bank Annual Meeting pointed out that the joint-stock commercial banks to speed up the establishment of risk and income balance of the performance appraisal system to prevent business people “take the risk.”

Shang Fulin said that the joint-stock commercial banks to comprehensively deepen the reform of the governance system, from a sound corporate governance system, capital management system and performance appraisal system in three aspects.

“Assessment index system is the baton, incentive assessment mechanism is unreasonable, the objective will contribute to the business ‘desperate'”. Shang Fulin pointed out that the joint-stock commercial banks to avoid the simple pursuit of profits, blind pursuit of the scale of short-term behavior, reasonable development strategies and profit targets, and speed up the establishment of risk and balance of performance evaluation system.

In addition, Shang Fulin requirements, joint-stock commercial banks to ensure the independence of business and decision-making autonomy, increase endogenous capital replenishment efforts, pay attention to the selection of high-quality shareholders, enhance shareholder sustainable development of bank capacity, and large Shareholders draw “Chu River community”.

Good investment project is difficult to find

“The past few months, the rate of decline in insurance financial management quickly, 6% to 7% of the high-yield has been difficult to see.” The city commercial bank branch staff of the “Daily News” reporter said last year, Product revenue is indeed very attractive, but in this year’s low interest rate environment, the high rate of return of insurance financial situation is basically gone. In recent months, the income of insurance financial products has declined rapidly, and the expected rate of return of 4% in the two-year period is already relatively high. “If the pursuit of low-risk and stable income, you can also choose some of the bank products, short term, the proceeds are also good.”

Reporters from the part of the bank to get a one-year period and within the financial product promotion page found that a variety of expected returns are about 4%, some even higher than 4%. Jiangsu quarter of quarter Feng Beijing Edition, for example, 98 days investment period, the estimated annualized earnings of 4.45%.

In addition to the stock of products, insurance companies introduced new universal insurance product returns are also declining. “Daily Economic News” reporter learned that a risk-based enterprises in the near future listing of a one-year financial products yield only 3.75%. It is understood that the product line in the recent days, some banks have not yet get a clear leaflets.

According to relevant media reports, including listed companies and placards “professional households”, including more than ten insurance companies, 2017 on the opening period (first quarter / January) sales of universal insurance sales limit, and cut the universal insurance Expected returns, a number of insurance companies from 1 year to 3-year universal insurance products, the expected rate of return fell to about 3%. “The settlement of interest rates down, on the one hand can reduce the cost of the policy, on the other hand also to some extent that the insurance companies this year is expected to decline in investment returns.” Shenyin Wanguo said.

1160 companies issued annual report notices

As an security company, Hikvision’s performance as concern, there are brokerage analysts said that sustained high-speed growth, and the company’s innovation is not unrelated. As the volume increases, the company is more sensitive to the macroeconomic impact. SME is the main channel for the first two projects, the first two are project-based solutions, SME is the main channel; The current demand for video surveillance showed a trend of front-end functionality for the back-end security products to bring higher value-added, the future is expected to promote the growth of revenue and gross margin to make up for traditional products, gross margin decline.

In addition to Hikvision, after years of adjustment, the liquor industry is expected to Yanghe shares this year, net profit of 5.365 billion yuan to 5.902 billion yuan, an increase of 10%, three quarterly show that this year, the liquor industry as a whole stable development , The company through active and effective restructuring, sales performance to achieve steady growth.

BYD also maintained a position in the new energy automotive market, the company expects net profit this year, 50 billion to 5.2 billion, the company expects the fourth quarter of new energy vehicles continued strong market demand, the Group will continue to sell new energy vehicles. At the same time, the Group SUV models continue to promote sales of the Group will promote the steady growth of the traditional car.

Insurance funds must be used as long-term capital providers

For insurance funds to participate in the capital market, regulators have finally given a clear positioning. December 13, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission held a special meeting, the China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiang Junbo wording strongly stressed that the insurance funds must do long-term capital providers, rather than short-term capital speculators, and proposed to strictly strengthen the supervision of insurance funds. The industry believes that Xiang Junbo’s position is on this year’s insurance market in the A-share market placards in a series of chaos in the mind of a “wake-up call,” which means that risk investment placards will face more stringent regulation , While universal disorder of the era of disorder will be declared the end of development.

Xiang Junbo said that some insurance companies do not match the use of assets and liabilities of assets and liabilities, centralized licensing, cross-border cross-border M & A, investment radical, He stressed that to distinguish between protection and investment properties of primary and secondary, must not put the cart before the horse. To adhere to long-term investment, value investment, sound investment, play to support the real economy, promote the stable and healthy development of capital market. In the use of risk capital, “the subject of investment should be fixed income products, equity and other non-fixed income products, supplemented by equity investment should be based on financial investment, strategic investment, supplemented by a small amount of strategic investment should be equity participation “The venture capital should strive to be a friendly investor in the capital market, never let the insurance institutions become barbarians, nor can the insurance funds become a” debris flow “in the capital market.

Especially for the individual insurance institutions in the stock market, “Kuaijinkuaichu” speculation, to take specific measures to effectively regulate and said it would strengthen the People’s Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Commission’s cooperation in the norms and constraints of insurance companies in line Action behavior, cross-market regulation of product management, regulate the behavior of leveraged buyout, strengthen supervision and coordination. In view of the “universal risk” business, he indicated that he would further reform the business rules of universal insurance, reshape the development of universal insurance, study and formulate a series of rigidity, such as business threshold, business qualification and product minimum standard. constraint.

Industrial structure optimization and adjustment

National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chen Xin 13, said excluding the natural population growth factors, 2010 to 2015, three provinces in Northeast China net population of about 24 million people. From the vertical perspective, the past five years compared with the previous decade, the Northeast population did not appear to accelerate the trend of loss; from a horizontal perspective, some areas of central and western regions also the trend of population transfer to the eastern region, the Northeast is not the most net outflow of population Outstanding areas.

Zhao Chenxin at the news conference that day, said the survey data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in recent years the three northeastern provinces to maintain a total population of more than 100 million people, of which Liaoning and Jilin provinces to maintain a certain total population growth, Heilongjiang The provincial total population declined slightly.

“It is noteworthy that the current northeastern region of college graduates and high-end technology, management personnel to the field of employment and entrepreneurship phenomenon.” He said that high-end talent to optimize the adjustment of industrial structure has an important supporting role. The next step is to implement a new round of the northeastern revitalization of the strategic plan, to support the northeast region to attract, retain, make good use of talent policy initiatives to further improve the ability to fully reflect the value of the distribution of incentives.

Market is waiting for the Fed to raise interest rates

The Federal Reserve will announce interest rate decisions at its last regular monetary policy meeting this year. Currently, the market is expected to Fed at the meeting since the end of last year since the second press the rate hike button, the federal funds rate by 25 basis points. Analysis that, although the market well prepared, but the resolution is still inevitable after the announcement of a certain volatility.

Last year, the Federal Reserve started raising interest rates since the move has been. A recent series of economic data shows that the US labor market continues to perform well, the overall tightening, consumer spending is still formed to support the economy, the financial market is relatively stable. Coupled with the year the year the two largest black swan events in Britain “out of Europe” referendum and the US presidential election have been settled, the market is widely expected that the Fed will continue at the end of last year, the monetary policy of the process of opening, Interest rates are raised from the current 0.25% to 0.50% by 25 basis points to 0.50% to 0.75%.

According to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, more sensitive to the federal funds rate futures data show that traders on the Federal Reserve this week will raise interest rates by 25 basis points is expected to rise slightly more than two weeks ago, has been as high as 97%. In a survey conducted by Reuters, 120 analysts all expected, after the United States announced a series of strong economic data, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates.