Facebook will invest 20 million US dollars

Facebook has long been criticized not only because the company by expanding its headquarters area to reduce the residents, but also because of the policy, to the headquarters staff instead of San Francisco local employees bonuses. Critics believe that this policy has accelerated the region’s high-end, and led to low-income tenants were forced to move, the influx of high-income Facebook employees.

Of course, Facebook can not only be accused of the company. Google, Apple and hundreds of other tech giants companies and start-ups are also blamed. In addition, Silicon Valley’s housing shortage is reported to be at a crisis level, according to public advocates of non-profit organizations, which only build 26 per cent of the housing needed for low-income groups.

As Facebook’s new campus headquarters expands and plans to hire 65,000 new employees over the next few years, this will require an additional 1.1 million square feet of existing complexes. Facebook said it would work with local activists and community groups to address its impact on the Bay Area.

This application has become hot amoung young people

BusinessInsider was informed on Friday that the company has completed the latest round of financing from the leading venture capital Sequoia Capital 50 million US dollars of investment. The company’s former investors include Greylock Partners, Aleph and Comcast Ventures. Houseparty’s chief executive, Ben Rubin, declined to comment.

According to application analysis company Apptopia data show that this application in recent teens in particular, the fire, the last six months, the number of downloads soared by millions of people. Application analysis company estimates that only last month, nearly 200 million people have used this application, the average user to open this application 5.5 times a day.

In San Francisco, this application has become the favorite video chat application. Like Facetime or Skype, it allows users to chat with multiple friends at the same time.
However, almost no one noticed that this application process bumpy. Houseparty developers and another popular video application Meerkat developers are the same person. The Meerkat application shines at the southwest southerly music festival, but it did not last long. After Twitter blocked its channel and bought its competitor Periscope, the Meerkat heat gradually cooled down. The company then reorganized and then introduced Houseparty earlier this year, which became popular after the new school year.

E-commerce platforms of used cars

Since 2015, the major second-hand car dealers platform for huge financing, a lot of second-hand car dealers platform to obtain financial support, they began to hype and burn money to subsidize users to seize the market, a “burn war” with . According to the China Automobile Dealers Association released data show that only the first half of 2015, domestic second-hand car business platform for the total investment has reached 440 million US dollars. There are people in the industry believe that the use of electric vehicles to hit the platform to spend heavily to invest in advertising and high subsidies to users, generally in the “lose money making crying,” and therefore the industry in the early stages of development that fall into vicious competition.

In the crazy “burn war”, the used car power platform in a very long period of time into a capital winter, the parties began to re-examine the capital of second-hand car industry.

Since the second half of this year, on the second-hand information platform for electronic commerce platform for financing one after another, several major platforms look forward to early out of the capital of the winter will generally high. After experiencing the “3 ยท 15 exposure incident” has been “negative ridden” car easy to shoot, and finally won a new round of financing.

As early as September this year, there is news that the car is easy to shoot a new round of financing negotiations, the investment side or a well-known domestic auto industry group. At this time, as a rival of melon seeds and used cars have announced the successful financing of the news, the competitor in the award-winning “irrigation” development situation, the car easy to make financing issues imminent. However, on the car easy to take the financing issues have not yet settled, “financing change”, “funding strand breaks” and many other questions, a time to push the car to shoot the cusp.

Internet giants join live broadcast

In China’s broadcast industry has experienced an early barbaric growth, with the regulatory floor, live platform between the increasingly intense competition, more and more live platform began to realize that in the industry reshuffle, high-quality content is the introduction of large flow , To ensure that the fundamental platform to win. Recently, Ali CEO Zhang Yong for Taobao “double 12” live games are played when the campaign, has publicly stated that “future traffic is not to buy, but the content created.” But behind the high-quality content, will break out of a separate BAT, including a variety of models of live giants? Or will it be reduced to BAT’s diversion tool? A flow of smoke without the entrance of the war has begun.

At present, the diversification of direct broadcast platform business model has achieved initial success, once a gift to play as the main source of revenue broadcast platform, began to use the flow of the inflow of the gradual entry of various forms of business in order to improve liquidity. In the third quarter of 2016, China’s online monetization index of 225, a substantial increase in industry liquidity, the market entered the consolidation period.

In the future, live and the integration between the various formats, should be the norm, but also the trend.On the one hand, the live platform, you must strengthen the integration with other formats in order to continue to innovate, “said Wang Xiaosi, vice president of network technology, said in an interview with reporters. Content, rich user experience, on the other hand, other industries also need to use live tools to optimize the user experience, broaden the marketing channels, and thus promote the rapid realization of its business model.

Google encourages Chinese mobile game developers

Google and Newzoo released a joint report on the status of mobile games in overseas markets, see the great opportunity of Google also hopes to rely on their advantages in overseas markets to attract Chinese developers through Google “sea.”

China Mobile game companies in overseas markets began to “taste the sweetness.” According to the report released in November this year, mobile application market research company App Annie shows that compared to the first half of the year, more and more Chinese mobile game companies to board the overseas market application list, which in the United States income 50 , A recent hot in the country, “Onmyouji” also on the list.

2016 is a milestone in the global mobile gaming industry, and the development of overseas mobile games more and more fiery. According to Google and game research firm Newzoo published the latest report shows that the global mobile games in 2016 the total size will reach 37 billion US dollars, the Chinese market accounted for 10 billion US dollars, overseas markets accounted for 27 billion US dollars, and 2018, overseas markets Of the scale will reach 35 billion US dollars. At the same time, it is expected that in 2016 the global average of mobile users will pay more than the first PC-side users.

National applications in indian market

In the vast Indian market, eggplant fast transmission of powerful self-distribution ability has been commendable. With the ability to quickly and easily share resources, eggplant quickly become thousands of people in India spontaneously organized interest in the community connector, seems to have become an important channel for ordinary people to access resources, they understand the daily life through eggplant information, Access to the latest resources, but also according to their own preferences to download the latest Internet applications.

Eggplant Express not only through this “0 cost” of market operations means in the Indian market quickly 250 million users to support and become the leader in the Indian mobile Internet market, but also in the Indian media many times on the people’s favorite application survey In the top three, with Facebook, WhatsApp and called “India’s three major national applications.”

The positive feedback from the Indian market has given confidence in the development of Eggplant in the global market. Following the pace of the Indian market, Indonesia, Egypt, Singapore, the Middle East and other countries and regions are included in the eggplant market map. , Continues the ultra-fast development miracle.

Magic Leap CEO angrily denounced the outside world

Founded in 2011, the Augmented Reality Magic Leap has been featured in several stunning sample videos, such as the “big whale” that sprang up in the social network and “the elephant standing in the palm of your hand” Has access to Google, Qualcomm, Alibaba and other technology giants of investment, Magic Leap and therefore in the previous Taobao Creator Festival debut. But Magic Leap has been in this way to paint pie, no formal product launch, because it is called the most mysterious start-up companies.

Compared to other companies with PPT story, Magic Leap means really clever, with this crazy dragging cool video (special effects) to sell the concept of publicity has been no shadow of the product. If Google’s investment is fancy Magic Leap’s “black technology”, and Ali’s involvement is to sniff out the business opportunities. In any case, Ali and Google this may be a somersault. According to the exclusive disclosure of the foreign media, Magic Leap demo video is misleading, its special effects part is produced by a video effects company Weta.

The Information also points out that Magic Leap’s helmet products look cumbersome and require multiple wires to connect to the PC, which is not as effective as Microsoft’s MR equipment HoloLens. Magic Leap has been caught in a whirlpool of public opinion, if true, Magic Leap both in the product, or in the demo video there are fraud.

Google plans to return China after leaving for long

Five years later came to China to convene a large-scale developer conference, Google “straight to the point,” expressed appreciation of the growing power of China’s developers, but also revealed the interactive needs, “Google would like to know China’s developers need What “, Google Greater China president Shi Bo Union (Scott Beaumont) bluntly. He said that in the past two years, Chinese game and entertainment application developers in the Andrews platform revenue growth has reached 150%, Chinese developers have become a global developer community is an integral part, but he also for the Chinese Andrews users Through the third-party software store to download the application of the fact that a trace of regret.

Shi Boming said that although the application can not serve as distribution platform, but the current Chinese market position in Google is to serve the Chinese developers and enterprises, Google will provide individual developers and enterprises based on Andrews R & D services and global promotion of overseas publicity Services to help developers better integrate into the Andrews ecosystem. In order to meet the needs of Chinese developers, Google has three global developers to increase the Chinese domain name domain name, while some of the content was finished, in addition, Google has also launched a dedicated Chinese developer Web page and WeChat public number, Grounding gas “approach for developers to learn, including Android, Firebase and other Google’s latest technical information to help.

According to Google, the official on-line Google China Developer website (Google Developers) address is developers.google.cn, Chinese users can directly access. Google Developers China Web site brings together the world’s developers for the development of technical resources, including API documentation, development case, technical training video. And covers Android Studio, Andrews latest SDK and other latest Android development resources. In addition, with Google Play, developers can reach and serve more than 1 billion Android users in more than 190 countries and territories worldwide. Beginning in 2017, Google Developers Agency Program will also be open to Chinese software development agents, which means that Chinese developers can more easily access to technology and resources. “Hope and China have more interaction,” Shi Bo Meng stressed.