Intelligent watch industry looks bad

Recently, the bad-mouthing of the smart watch industry’s voice, but the badger who always forget to add one: Apple watch is actually very good live, and even some people began to joke, now there is no so-called “smart watch market” “Apple watch market.” Professional analysis of Apple’s consulting firm Above Avalon recently published an article, a comprehensive analysis of the smart watch industry, the competitive landscape.

Although many people believe that smart watches or a very fresh product category, but the design of such products at least the idea has been brewing in the industry for five years. Apple’s iPhone four years after the advent of 2011 began to develop “smart devices on the wrist,” the company’s idea was very simple, that is to create a smart phone can be used with smart wrist.

On the ship, the smart watch in the same smart phones, tablet PCs and other products when there is still a huge gap. Since the beginning of 2015, smart watch shipments of about 35 million or so, while the same period smart phones, Tablet PC shipments were 385 million and 2.9 billion.

In terms of sales, each sold in 2015 a smart watch means that there are 12 Tablet PC and 80 smart phones were bought. But one of the most important question is, in addition to Apple watches, almost no consumers will choose to buy other brands of smart watches.

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