National applications in indian market

In the vast Indian market, eggplant fast transmission of powerful self-distribution ability has been commendable. With the ability to quickly and easily share resources, eggplant quickly become thousands of people in India spontaneously organized interest in the community connector, seems to have become an important channel for ordinary people to access resources, they understand the daily life through eggplant information, Access to the latest resources, but also according to their own preferences to download the latest Internet applications.

Eggplant Express not only through this “0 cost” of market operations means in the Indian market quickly 250 million users to support and become the leader in the Indian mobile Internet market, but also in the Indian media many times on the people’s favorite application survey In the top three, with Facebook, WhatsApp and called “India’s three major national applications.”

The positive feedback from the Indian market has given confidence in the development of Eggplant in the global market. Following the pace of the Indian market, Indonesia, Egypt, Singapore, the Middle East and other countries and regions are included in the eggplant market map. , Continues the ultra-fast development miracle.

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