Google encourages Chinese mobile game developers

Google and Newzoo released a joint report on the status of mobile games in overseas markets, see the great opportunity of Google also hopes to rely on their advantages in overseas markets to attract Chinese developers through Google “sea.”

China Mobile game companies in overseas markets began to “taste the sweetness.” According to the report released in November this year, mobile application market research company App Annie shows that compared to the first half of the year, more and more Chinese mobile game companies to board the overseas market application list, which in the United States income 50 , A recent hot in the country, “Onmyouji” also on the list.

2016 is a milestone in the global mobile gaming industry, and the development of overseas mobile games more and more fiery. According to Google and game research firm Newzoo published the latest report shows that the global mobile games in 2016 the total size will reach 37 billion US dollars, the Chinese market accounted for 10 billion US dollars, overseas markets accounted for 27 billion US dollars, and 2018, overseas markets Of the scale will reach 35 billion US dollars. At the same time, it is expected that in 2016 the global average of mobile users will pay more than the first PC-side users.

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