Smart devices are unable to protect your privacy

Wearable equipment, the amount of data collected more and more, it is real big data, and has evolved into a complete digital health ecosystem. However, these contain a large number of personal and health data privacy data, but was converted into money. More importantly, smart wearable devices are becoming more powerful, more complex data can be monitored, and the privacy of individuals is compromised at an unprecedented level.

CDD executive director Jeff Chester said angrily, “Americans now face the situation is that the most sensitive information loss is getting worse, because their health data will continue to be collected and analyzed, but also combined with the Their personal finances, race, location, online and offline behavior, etc. Policymakers must take decisive action to protect consumers in the era of big data. ”

In the United States, privacy law is quite fragmented, and different categories, such as financial, student or health data have different laws and regulations. The researchers believe that such limited and fragmented regulations, to some extent, connivance of the wearable equipment manufacturers a serious violation of user privacy, but it is interesting that, on whether the real invasion of privacy, and ultimately depends on the government and related regulation The effectiveness of the policy. The existing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which only targets health care facilities such as hospitals, does not protect users of wearable equipment.

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