Internet giants join live broadcast

In China’s broadcast industry has experienced an early barbaric growth, with the regulatory floor, live platform between the increasingly intense competition, more and more live platform began to realize that in the industry reshuffle, high-quality content is the introduction of large flow , To ensure that the fundamental platform to win. Recently, Ali CEO Zhang Yong for Taobao “double 12” live games are played when the campaign, has publicly stated that “future traffic is not to buy, but the content created.” But behind the high-quality content, will break out of a separate BAT, including a variety of models of live giants? Or will it be reduced to BAT’s diversion tool? A flow of smoke without the entrance of the war has begun.

At present, the diversification of direct broadcast platform business model has achieved initial success, once a gift to play as the main source of revenue broadcast platform, began to use the flow of the inflow of the gradual entry of various forms of business in order to improve liquidity. In the third quarter of 2016, China’s online monetization index of 225, a substantial increase in industry liquidity, the market entered the consolidation period.

In the future, live and the integration between the various formats, should be the norm, but also the trend.On the one hand, the live platform, you must strengthen the integration with other formats in order to continue to innovate, “said Wang Xiaosi, vice president of network technology, said in an interview with reporters. Content, rich user experience, on the other hand, other industries also need to use live tools to optimize the user experience, broaden the marketing channels, and thus promote the rapid realization of its business model.

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