Smart watch manufacturers make less and less products

The first generation Moto 360 released in 2014, is a smart watch based on Android Wear system, after a lapse of one year, Lenovo Moto released the second generation Moto 360 products, and its introduction to the Chinese market. However, Moto 360 from the second generation, Moto no longer update on the smart watch products. “At this stage, we do not see enough market demand, wearable equipment for us is not enough,” said Shakir Bakat, the head of Motorola’s global product development, Lenovo Mobile Group, said in a statement. Of the attraction, so there is no power to support each of us to develop a new smart watch.

In fact, even the originator of the smart watch industry Pebble also suffered dilemma. It is reported that wearable equipment manufacturer Fitbit will buy Pebble, Pebble to know that the two have paid a miracle, making the company in one fell swoop KickStarter to become the most successful since the establishment of financing projects. And it is the success of Pebble, attracted, including Apple, Google, Samsung, many giants have joined the market. At the beginning of this year, Pebble had a layoff, involving a quarter of the number of employees, even though Pebble in Europe and the United States market, frequent action, continue to introduce new ideas, Want to use this to save their own weakness, but still no improvement.

In addition to Andrews camp, rival Apple’s life is not easy. According to IDC published in the third quarter of 2016, the global smart watch sales statistics show that Apple Apple Watch third quarter shipments of only 1.1 million, the market share of 41.3%, sales is down nearly 72%.

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