E-commerce platforms of used cars

Since 2015, the major second-hand car dealers platform for huge financing, a lot of second-hand car dealers platform to obtain financial support, they began to hype and burn money to subsidize users to seize the market, a “burn war” with . According to the China Automobile Dealers Association released data show that only the first half of 2015, domestic second-hand car business platform for the total investment has reached 440 million US dollars. There are people in the industry believe that the use of electric vehicles to hit the platform to spend heavily to invest in advertising and high subsidies to users, generally in the “lose money making crying,” and therefore the industry in the early stages of development that fall into vicious competition.

In the crazy “burn war”, the used car power platform in a very long period of time into a capital winter, the parties began to re-examine the capital of second-hand car industry.

Since the second half of this year, on the second-hand information platform for electronic commerce platform for financing one after another, several major platforms look forward to early out of the capital of the winter will generally high. After experiencing the “3 ยท 15 exposure incident” has been “negative ridden” car easy to shoot, and finally won a new round of financing.

As early as September this year, there is news that the car is easy to shoot a new round of financing negotiations, the investment side or a well-known domestic auto industry group. At this time, as a rival of melon seeds and used cars have announced the successful financing of the news, the competitor in the award-winning “irrigation” development situation, the car easy to make financing issues imminent. However, on the car easy to take the financing issues have not yet settled, “financing change”, “funding strand breaks” and many other questions, a time to push the car to shoot the cusp.

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