The most worth buying children’s watches in 2016

Badi Long children’s watch 5s is equipped with a 1.3-inch resolution of 240×240 IPS screen, equipped with MediaTek MT2601 processor, with 512MB of memory and 4GB storage. Run Android 360-based Android OS for Wear system, you can interact with the watch through the voice, watch support Wikipedia query, story telling and other functions, while children can watch and other users to add friends to interact.

In terms of security, this watch supports Wifi, GPS and other positioning technology, built-in SIM card through the watch, to achieve the indoor 5 meters indoor 20 meters positioning accuracy. Children in the lost, you can send parents to the location information, so as to protect the child’s safety. In addition, 5s has a 200 million pixel camera, you can let the children take pictures through the watch, an increase of watch the playability. Batteries, this watch battery capacity of 500 mAh, support for fast charging.

The watch is 40x15x189mm in weight and 37g in weight. It is made of Dow Corning food grade liquid silicone, which can be wrapped in all directions to prevent allergy and bumps. No metal contact with skin. , But also to life waterproof. Function, support the simultaneous reception of US GPS and Russia GLONASS satellite positioning system, combined with Wi-Fi, base stations, gravity sensing, a total of five signal positioning. Parents can set a safe area in the APP-side phone, can automatically record the history of the track, the child can continue to record the activities of three consecutive months. When in danger, long press the power button to send a distress signal to the parents, and includes location data and 7 seconds of environmental recording. Moreover, parents can be built according to the APP map automatically generate the child’s location to reach the navigation route, a key navigation to pick up the baby. Built-in millet any of my card, do not have to buy a separate phone card to install parents, call rates can be permanently free monthly, local calls and long-distance are 0.1 yuan / minute. Life, built-in 300mAh gel polymer battery, standby for 6 days.

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