Smart watches should learn from the Tablet PC

Wearable device is not just a hardware device, but also through software support and data interaction, cloud interaction to achieve a powerful function, in this article Carolina Milanesi introduced to us as a smart wear watch, how to learn Tablet PC Development in order to understand the market trends and to provide users with convenience.

In the past Monday, IDC (International Data Corporation) released the third quarter of wearable equipment market, the latest data, but these data are not very optimistic. Although overall shipments reached $ 23 million, a slight increase year on year, but about 85% of the sales from the higher price of the fitness bracelet. The third quarter results need to consider the launch of Apple’s Watch Series 2 at the end of the quarter. “Although the gap is not great, but Apple still dominates the smart watch market, and will continue to dominate.” In an e-mail sent to Reuters, Tim Cook directly illustrates the situation: “Sales growth has now In fact, the first week of Christmas shopping, Apple Watch sales will exceed the product before any week of sales, as we expected, we will usher in Apple Watch the best quarter.

When it comes to the market for wearable devices, it’s hard not to compare it to the early stages of the tablet market. In the early launch of the iPad, the influx of Tablet PC trying to compete with, but after the failure, Andrews manufacturers automatically reduce their market position. Consumers are willing to spend money to buy in the ordinary computer can not provide the experience. With several Chinese players to enter the field and the rebellion of a player, Apple strong control of the most valuable part of the market.

The life of the tablet type seems to depend on the difference between it and the computer, which in the end is inseparable from the devices they most want to distinguish from each other. In addition, the Tablet PC to reproduce the smart phone experience to some extent, but at the same time to provide us with a better application, larger screen, larger batteries and more powerful processor. With the smart phone in terms of size and power have increased, the Tablet PC’s current strengths have been greatly reduced. The tablet has had to try to replace one of these devices without finding a suitable place between the smartphone and the computer, but no consumer will give up his smartphone, so the computer becomes an obvious target. Vendors in the field of fierce competition, making the device looks like a Tablet PC, and then try to use 2 in 1 to position them as the next generation of computers.

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