This application has become hot amoung young people

BusinessInsider was informed on Friday that the company has completed the latest round of financing from the leading venture capital Sequoia Capital 50 million US dollars of investment. The company’s former investors include Greylock Partners, Aleph and Comcast Ventures. Houseparty’s chief executive, Ben Rubin, declined to comment.

According to application analysis company Apptopia data show that this application in recent teens in particular, the fire, the last six months, the number of downloads soared by millions of people. Application analysis company estimates that only last month, nearly 200 million people have used this application, the average user to open this application 5.5 times a day.

In San Francisco, this application has become the favorite video chat application. Like Facetime or Skype, it allows users to chat with multiple friends at the same time.
However, almost no one noticed that this application process bumpy. Houseparty developers and another popular video application Meerkat developers are the same person. The Meerkat application shines at the southwest southerly music festival, but it did not last long. After Twitter blocked its channel and bought its competitor Periscope, the Meerkat heat gradually cooled down. The company then reorganized and then introduced Houseparty earlier this year, which became popular after the new school year.

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