Do you still love smart watches now?

Android Wear also supports sensors and many other features. And other wearable technology is different, Android Wear did not try to wear on the wrist, difficult to operate the screen into more buttons and complex commands. It changes the positioning of smart watches: not to complete the grand task, but quickly and smoothly transfer the relevant information. Even today, this simplicity and attention to notifications (normal notifications and predictive notifications provided by Now) makes Android Wear different from more complex, application-centric, other smart watch platforms.

Rafael wear Android Wear smart watches for some time – first early demonstration equipment, and then the first generation of Moto 360, LG G Watch Urbane, and finally Huawei Watch.

Raphael thinks Android Wear can meet his needs because he expected it to be compatible with its function: not a new tool to change people’s lives, but a smartphone companion product – so he will not miss the information to cope with Part of the basic tasks of a convenient accessories. Although not a revolutionary product, but Android Wear absolute to Raphael has brought some convenience: no need to keep his cell phone from his pocket he will be able to keep in touch with the outside world. “Android Wear is still a luxury accessory, not a necessity,” he wrote in an article about the Android Wear experience. “But for users who want to keep in touch with the outside world and not bad money, Provides a more convenient access to information.

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