Facebook will invest 20 million US dollars

Facebook has long been criticized not only because the company by expanding its headquarters area to reduce the residents, but also because of the policy, to the headquarters staff instead of San Francisco local employees bonuses. Critics believe that this policy has accelerated the region’s high-end, and led to low-income tenants were forced to move, the influx of high-income Facebook employees.

Of course, Facebook can not only be accused of the company. Google, Apple and hundreds of other tech giants companies and start-ups are also blamed. In addition, Silicon Valley’s housing shortage is reported to be at a crisis level, according to public advocates of non-profit organizations, which only build 26 per cent of the housing needed for low-income groups.

As Facebook’s new campus headquarters expands and plans to hire 65,000 new employees over the next few years, this will require an additional 1.1 million square feet of existing complexes. Facebook said it would work with local activists and community groups to address its impact on the Bay Area.

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